Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The study of personae\'s death in the mythic and epoches of Shahname    M.Sc.    yoosefi abegarm, soheila    0000-00-00
2    Analysis of abstracts concepts of Blind Owl Based on cognitive Metaphor Theory            0000-00-00
3    A survey on the position of Linguistics and Persian language and Literature departments at the Ali Shariati faculty of literature and Humanities in the last decade (2008- 2018)            0000-00-00
4    Ambiguity in contemporary poem (nimayonshij, akhavan sales, sohrab sepehri, forough farrokhzad)    Ph.D    sanchooli, ahmad    2008-11-16
5    theory of humor based on outstanding humor texts    Ph.D    TAJABOR, NIMA    2009-02-08
6    The change of music movement in Behbahani\'s lyric poems    M.Sc.    ,    2009-07-05
7    Evolution of values in the eulogistic odes from the beginning to the sixth century    M.Sc.    rezaei, abdollah    2010-05-22
8    A Stylistic Analysis of Imam Mohammad Ghazali    Ph.D    dorpar, maryam    2010-06-06
9    review of thd postion of lover and the causes of its decline in the school of Vasoukht    M.Sc.    maghsoodi, elahe    2010-07-14
10    The Effective Intertextual and Outertextual Factors on Prevalence and Acceptability of Persian Popular Novels(According to Ten Good Seller Contemporary Novels)    M.Sc.    javadi siyahkole, seyyede narjes    2011-01-02
11    Reflection and study of Shahname in Jahangiri and Sharafname -ye- Manyeri dictionaries    M.Sc.    lwkhi, taibeh    2011-06-06
12    Study of Metaphorical Systems of Love in five Mystic Texts; Savāneh- al- Oshāq, Tamhīdāt, Lavāyeh, Abhar –al- Āsheqīn and Lomāt Based on Cognitive Metaphor Theory    Ph.D    hashemi, zohreh    2011-08-28
13    Description in joveini jahanghoshaye history    M.Sc.    sabood, fereshteh    2011-09-22
14    The study of personalities reflex (religious,historical,mythological,poltical) in works of ten modern poets before and after revoulution.    M.Sc.    JAFARI, MAJID    2011-10-14
15    Retrieval of Mowlavi    Ph.D    behnam, mina    2011-11-13
16    Quintet Composing in Persian Litrature (Its History and Genric Study)    Ph.D    Vaezzadeh, Abbass    2012-04-29
17    Shahnameh in prose texts reflect the ninth and tenth centuries    M.Sc.    ahmadi, mahmood    2012-05-27
18    Comparative analysis of Romanticism in Nader Naderpoor and Abolghasem Alshabi poems    M.Sc.    kohandel, azam    2013-05-26
19    descriptive and critcal article knowing from 1370-1380    Ph.D    heidari, ali    2015-10-07
20    Investigation I mages Of Women's In Sadeq Chubak's The Patient Stone And Naguib Mahfouz's Miramar Based On Focalization Methods.    M.Sc.    rahmani, nahid    2015-11-04
21    The Study of mythical fertility/infertility model in the Iranian fairy tales    Ph.D    espargham, samin    2015-11-11
22    The descriptive critical analysis of articles on Naser Khosrow s    Ph.D    golbaf, kazem    2016-04-12
23    Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Faculty of Latrature and Humanities, Dr. Ali Shariati A letter of introduction for the Master's in Persian language and literature degree Title: Reasons of acceptance of Nazarghabani s Works in iran on basis of acceptance theory. Professor Supervisor: Dr. Abu-Alqa    M.Sc.    PORDEL, MOHAMMAD YASER    2016-04-12
24    Mythological Criticism of Zarringhabanameh Based on Jung Theory    Ph.D    najjari, mohammad    2016-07-02
25    A descriptive critical analysis of Rumi and his Work    Ph.D    khoshbaf torghabeh, mahdi    2016-07-20
26    Image of nations and folks in SHAHNAMEH FERDOWSI from the perspective of comparative literature    M.Sc.    ali ahmadi, zohreh    2016-07-26
27    Edition of the ˊMaktubat – e Sadiˊ of Sheikh Sharafuddin Maneri (1263 – 1381) and Study about it    Ph.D    khatami, mohamad sadegh    2016-07-26
28    A Comparative Stylistic Study of Stories of Tarikh-e-Beihaghi and Their Origins in Arabic Sources    M.Sc.    rabehi, yosra    2016-08-16
29    Practical Wisdom in Heroic Epics after Shahnameh    Ph.D    keykha, mousa    2016-10-09
30    Articlelogy descriptive critical Ferdowsi and Shahname of 2001 to 2006    Ph.D    saadatifar, zahra    2016-10-23
31    A Kind of Sufi behavior With Language and non-linguistic phenomena in Persian mystical texts( Since the beginning of the fifth century to the end of the seventh century).    Ph.D    dasturani, mohammad    2017-01-08
32    The Textual Criticism of Rostam and Sohrab    M.Sc.    alizade, hamed    2017-03-05
33    Hafiz audience research in the field of articles from 1381 to 1390.    Ph.D    ovliaee, mohammad bagher    2017-03-05
34    A review and criticism of Bahar- e Ajam dictionary    M.Sc.    khosroupoor, saeed    2017-06-17
35    An examination of Keykhosrow’s deeds in the Shahnameh and the texts before and after the Shahnameh until the 7th century AH    Ph.D    barati bagherabad, masumeh moluk    2017-08-23
36    CRITICAL DISCOURSE ANALYSIS OF FERDOWSI    Ph.D    Masoudi Suran, Ali    2017-10-08
37    Analyzing the narrative changes in the Nazireh’s of Khosrow and Shirin    Ph.D    hosseini moghadam, asma    2018-03-04
38    A survey of repetitive reinforcing elements of romantic aspects of “Khosrow and Shirin” and “Layli and Majnun” by Nezami and Three of his imitators Amir Khosrow Dehlavi, Hatefi Kharjerdi and Nami Esfahani    Ph.D    mozafarikhah, malihe    2018-04-08