Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Equivalent Dictionary of the Shahnameh on the Basis of Bonadariʼs Translation    Ph.D    haidar naeem hamza alzoamil    1400/03/19
2    Study of Kaykhosrow’s Deeds in Shahnameh and The Texts of Pre-Islamic and Post-Islamic Period until The 13th Century    Ph.D    masumeh moluk barati bagherabad    1399/08/07
3    Comparative study of The Red-haired woman by Orhan Pamuk with Rostam and Sohrab & Odipus Rex based on Hypertextualite    M.Sc.    bibi zahra Hashemie    1398/11/23
4    Descriptive- Critical Article Identification Of Ferdowsi And Shāh-nāmeh Between 2002And 2007    Ph.D    zahra saadatifar    1398/09/06
5    A Descriptive-Critical Analysis of the Research Articles on Hafez in 70th Decade    Ph.D    ali heidari    1398/06/26
6    The Image of Peoples and Nations in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh from the Perspective of Comparative Literature    M.Sc.    zohreh ali ahmadi    1397/11/24
7    Critical Descriptive Analysis of Research Papers on Naser Khosrow and his Works from 1921-2015    Ph.D    kazem golbaf    1397/09/10
8    The Study of mythical Fertility/infertility model in the Iranian Fairy Tales    Ph.D    samin espargham    1397/06/28
9    A Comparative Study of Borzu Legend in Prose and Poetic Literary Works    Ph.D    seyed Jamal Vaziri Mahboob    1397/06/25
10    Feminism reading of four contemporary Persian and Arabic Novels (Al-Warifa, Ikhtals, Paeez fasle akhare sal ast, panjereye ru be ru)    M.Sc.    yosra rabehi    1396/08/13
11    Mythological Criticism of Zarringhabanameh Based on Jung Theory    Ph.D    mohammad najjari    1396/06/28
12    Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Faculty of Latrature and Humanities, Dr. Ali Shariati A letter of introduction for the Master's in Persian language and literature degree Title: Reasons of acceptance of Nazarghabani s Works in iran on basis of acceptance theory. Professor Supervisor: Dr. Abu-Alqa    M.Sc.    MOHAMMAD YASER PORDEL    1396/06/25
13    Investigation I mages Of Women's In Sadeq Chubak's The Patient Stone And Naguib Mahfouz's Miramar Based On Focalization Methods.    M.Sc.    nahid rahmani    1395/06/27
14    Quintet Composing in Persian Litrature (Its History and Genric Study)    Ph.D    Abbass Vaezzadeh    1393/06/31
15    Retrieval of Mowlavi    Ph.D    mina behnam    1392/08/15
16    review of thd postion of lover and the causes of its decline in the school of Vasoukht    M.Sc.    elahe maghsoodi    1390/11/12
17    A Stylistic Analysis of Imam Mohammad Ghazali    Ph.D    maryam dorpar    1390/11/11
18    The study of personae\'s death in the mythic and epoches of Shahname    M.Sc.    soheila yoosefi abegarm    1390/02/27
19    theory of humor based on outstanding humor texts    Ph.D    NIMA TAJABOR    1389/11/16
20    Ambiguity in contemporary poem (nimayonshij, akhavan sales, sohrab sepehri, forough farrokhzad)    Ph.D    ahmad sanchooli    1389/08/26
21    The change of music movement in Behbahani\'s lyric poems    M.Sc.        1389/06/31